Sábado, 5 de Agosto de 2006

1 + 1 = YUPPIE


[Sondre Lerche  -  Across The Land]

[Ella Fitzgerald  -  I Get  A Kick Out Of You]

Yuppie, an acronym for "Young Urban Professional," is a term coined by the advertising industry to describe a demographic of people, primarily composed of the Baby Boomer generation. Most commonly, they are highly educated and economically upwardly mobile, aged from early twenties to early- to mid-thirties. Yuppies tend to hold jobs in the professional sectors, with incomes that place them in the upper-middle economic class. The term "Yuppie" emerged in the early 1980s. Although the original yuppies were "young," the term now applies as well to people of middle age.

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De pataphisico_azul a 25 de Agosto de 2006 às 12:29

De astropastor a 25 de Agosto de 2006 às 19:32
middle aged urban pros ...

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